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Tips to Maintain a Well-Rooted Lawn

Grow According to Your Regional Conditions

Depending on where you live, you need to determine what grass type best suits the environment and climate of your region.

For example, if you’re living out in the North, you should grow a ‘cool season’ grass like ryegrass, fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass.

On the other hand, if you’re living in the South, you would want to grow ‘warm season’ grass such as St. Augustine, Zoysia or Bermuda.

Water Correctly

Where there is water, there is life. The same can be said for your lawn. You need to know that every lawn, no matter how big or small, needs at least an inch of water every week. Sprinkling more or less than that will result in shallower roots.

It’s always best to water your lawn in the morning, and you should NEVER water it in the evening. All you’re doing is giving an open invitation to grass-devouring diseases to feast on your lawn.

Feed Your Lawn Right

You should know that every grass type has its unique feeding regimen that shouldn’t be disrupted; otherwise, it could cause roots to weaken.

If you have cool season grass in your lawn, you should know that they require a big feeding in the fall season, a lighter one in spring and no feeding at all in summer (or hot climate for that matter). The exact opposite applies for warm-season grass.

However, if you mulch your lawn and leave the nitrogen-rich clips on the turf, it’s recommended to feed your grass less. The only time you need to feed more is when you collect the clips for other uses.

Prevent Weed Seeds from Sprouting

Corn gluten meal is the best way to prevent weed seeds from sprouting. This also helps in strengthening the roots of your lawn and giving it a beautiful green glow.

How exactly does that happen?

Well, corn gluten meal is an all natural, byproduct of corn starch, which stops new weeds from growing and weakens the old ones by releasing naturally occurring nitrogen very slowly ― allowing the grass to nurture more fruitfully. It’s the perfect alternative to using harsh chemicals that not only prove deadly for the roots but also very harmful to people and pets that come into contact with the grass.


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